LOWA TRAIL Racers Team

Whether short, technical trails, versatile terrain or panoramic ultra trails… Our athletes of the LOWA TRAIL Racers team can be found on any terrain. Their intention: To live their passion for trail running to the fullest! They achieve this by mastering all chal­lenges and adventures skilfully and never losing sight of the fun thereby. After all, they spend a large part of their free time in running shoes to gain a lot of altitude over hill and dale. While some of them have the mountain – and thus the start for the best trail routes – right from their front door, others accept long distances to pursue their passion. For LOWA all these athletes are valuable experts who, with their opinions, experience and expertise, help to drive the trail running segment at LOWA forward. They put our CITUX, AMPLUX and FORTUX through their paces on a wide range of terrain and applic­ations.

Meet the LOWA TRAIL Racers Team